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What inspired you to start baking and/or open your own bakery business, and how did you develop your passion for baking?

I have always loved to bake! Since discovering I have an anaphylactic nut allergy, I wanted to share my gift of baking so others can enjoy baked goods safely as well! Baking was a therapeutic escape for me and it brings me so much joy seeing others enjoy what I make.

What do you like about Judee's ingredients?

They are nut-allergy safe and non-gmo!

Bakers often face unique challenges in the kitchen. Can you share a specific obstacle you encountered as a baker and how you overcame it to achieve success?

The one unique challenge I often face is clients requesting peanut butter, so I use alternative nut-free butters. But honestly, finding a good one was definitely challenging. I also have a small kitchen so I have to be creative when utilizing my space!

Show us your creativity! What's the most innovative or unique dessert creation you've come up with, and what inspired you to make it?

When I partnered with a local brewery, I infused cupcakes and cookies with their beers by utilizing them in the baked item, or by pulling a flavor from that specific beer and bringing it out in the cupcake or cookie.

Give us your hot take! What's a baking tip you wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone knew that it's okay to make mistakes because we learn from them! Cookies are not meant to be perfectly round either!

Baking can be therapeutic for many people. Do you have a favorite recipe that you turn to when you need to unwind and find solace in the kitchen?

I tend to turn to recipes that I mix by hand instead of using my stand mixer. There is something so reminiscent of simpler times when mixing by hand.

Baking is often associated with joyful moments and celebrations. Can you share a heartwarming or memorable story of how your baked goods have brought happiness to someone's life?

I was participating in one of my first farmer's markets and this young boy of 7 years old, lit up when his mom said that he could get 3 things from my table, since everything I made was safe for him to eat. He had a tree nut and peanut allergy and was so happy he could get something! That right there made me so happy and he came back every week for a treat! At the end of the market season, I let him choose three complimentary items.

How has the baking community helped or supported you as you built a business from the ground up?

I have learned tips from other bakers and instilled them in my home/business. From organization advice to quick ways to cut parchment circles for cake pans, the outpouring of support has been amazing.