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Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and take your cookie decorating to the next level with Kasey! We had the pleasure of connecting with this fabulous Cookier and our Brand Ambassador, Kasey from Sweeter by the Doughzen. In this Q&A Kasey shares her journey and passion for creating delicious (and gorgeous) royal icing cookies that everyone can enjoy and why using Judee’s ingredients makes all the difference.

Tell us about yourself...

"Hi! I’m Kasey, aka Sweeter by the Doughzen. Like many I wear a lot of hats, but hobby baker and cookie enthusiast are 2 that I love to be known for. I am a wife and mom of 2 and our family lives in North Georgia. By day I am responsible for the design and sale of commercial fire alarm and low voltage systems (if you’re thinking what??, that’s a fair question), and by nights and weekends I’m in an apron every chance I get. With so many outward responsibilities it was recommended to me to find a hobby that allows me creative space and some “me” time. What a rabbit hole that led to! What I love most about this hobby is that when managed well and time permits, it allows me the opportunity to create something I’m proud of, free my mind for a bit and enjoy the decorating time, and then share it with others. It can be an extremely gratifying hobby!"

What has been your most exciting or challenging project or favorite creation?

"That’s a difficult one to narrow down! I find realistic florals to be very challenging. The consistency of the icing has to be pretty much perfect. I took an online course from one of my favorite designers and loved the outcome. For fun, I teamed up with a local florist for a photo shoot with the real things and we happily traded our wares."

What do you like most about Judee's products?

"I have been using Judee’s meringue products exclusively in my royal icing ingredients for over 4 years and it never misses! In cookie community forums, people ask questions to troubleshoot feedback that their cookies smell like soap, or that the icing taste is “off”, which typically points back to the meringue or egg white powder they’re using. I love that I can be confident in Judee’s meringue powder mix to provide a consistent result every time."

What's your favorite holiday/occasion to bake cookies for and/or what are the most popular order requests?

"Halloween is a fan favorite which always surprises me with so many other sweets involved. But it’s kind of the kick-off to the holiday season and people are getting excited to have an event to celebrate after Summer and being back in school. And the Halloween designs are adorable and endless! The special occasions (be it a first or 80th birthday, baby shower, bachelorette party) always get me and I want to make sure it’s an extra special set as a feature of a celebration."

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As our chat with Kasey Sweeter by the Doughzen comes to a close, we can't help but feel inspired by her passion and creativity. From classic flavors to unique and experimental ones, Kasey continues to push the boundaries of what a cookie can be.

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