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  • With our Flat Bottom Whisk, you'll have all the power you need to whip up whatever your heart desires—this small stainless steel whisk will ensure every powdered ingredient is thoroughly combined
  • This small whisk only measures 10 ½ inches long and features a flat end. It's slim enough to store away in small spaces, but also large enough to use on large batches of drinks.
  • The stainless steel mini whisk is thin and the size and shape help create a nice frothy texture. The long handle for this cocktail whisk is perfect for grande drinks. The flat bottom design allows you to mix liquids without making a mess on your countertop.
  • This multiuse fancy whisk pairs well with metalcraft cocktail mixing glasses and sauce cups too so it's not just for bartenders—anyone can use it for their own drinks!
  • Since 2009, Judee's has been dedicated to providing fresh, allergy-conscious, high-quality ingredients that you can trust, so you can continue cooking and baking for everyone you love

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