Pour Spout Kitchen Storage Container


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  • Say goodbye to cluttered pantries, stale ingredients, and never knowing what you do and don’t have with these storage containers from Judee’s
  • Made from clear and durable BPA-free plastic, each container gives you an air-tight spot to store your ingredients. From all your baking essentials to breakfast cereal, chips, crackers and more, all your favorites stay fresh and neatly organized
  • An easy-pour spout makes dishing out your snacks and ingredients a breeze, plus the spot is topped with a handy measuring cup so you can always get exactly how much you need
  • Holds 10 cups, over 4 pounds, making it easy for you to buy in bulk and still keep your ingredients fresh
  • Stock your kitchen with quality allergen-free ingredients and must-have kitchen tools exclusively from Judee’s

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