At Judee's Gluten Free, we stand behind the quality of our raw ingredients. Our facility is dedicated gluten and nut free. Judee's began with an All Purpose GF Bread Mix now used to make fresh baked pizza crusts, hamburger and sub buns served in over 250+ restaurants and grocers throughout the Ohio region.  

Judee’s Gluten free now offers over 30 raw ingredient products as well as signature proprietary mixes that are distributed nationwide under the brand name Judee’s Gluten Free and Gluten Free You and Me. Starter sizes of these products are available to purchase on We are continually developing new signature mixes to serve the gluten and nut free community as well as those with a focus on healthy eating.


Gluten Free
We maintain all products are 100% gluten free. Our ingredients have been tested by the FDA as well as a third party testing facility. Each result showed that our products meet the highest standard possible of <5 parts per million to ensure a 100% dedicated gluten free facility.

Nut Free and Allergen Controls
In 2016, the company eliminated nuts from the facility as well and set up an allergy control program that prevents any possibility of cross contamination of eggs or dairy products.

Packaged in the USA
All our products are packaged with care in Plain City, OH.

About Judee
Judee was diagnosed as a celiac back in 1993, just days after her 2nd son was born. Through the years, she has witnessed the evolution of gluten free food. In 2009, she decided she had the knowledge, energy, and passion to begin selling her own high quality breads at her local farmer’s market.  Her fresh baked breads grew quickly in popularity, so less than a year later, she moved the business from her home to a dedicated gluten free facility in order to keep up with demand and branch out to other gluten free products.  Now the original signature mix used to make her gluten free fresh baked products is being sold as Judee's All Purpose GF Bread Mix.