Q: What is the shelf life of a product?

A: Each product is different, but they usually last around a year or two. It’s best to reference the best by date, however when stored properly in a cool, dry environment away from light and moisture, our products can last beyond the best by date.


Q: Is refrigeration required?

A: Some of our customers re-package our products and refrigerate them, but it is not required.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: After the order is fulfilled it may take 3-10 business days for it to arrive.


Q: Do you do wholesale orders?

A: We have a minimum order quantity of 45 lbs per product for wholesale pricing. For pricing and any other questions, please email us at wholesale@judeesfromscratch.com 


Q: Do your products contain nuts or gluten?

A: Our products do not contain nuts or gluten. Our main facility is completely free of nuts and gluten, however any products made outside of our main facility may have different allergens. We recommend checking the labels on each product.


Q: I received a product with different packaging. Is it authentic?

A: We recently re-designed our packaging, so some of our customers may receive the previous design. Within the upcoming months, most of our inventory will be in the new packaging.


Q: What is the country of origin for your products?

A: We source our products from multiple countries, but whenever a product is made in the USA we do our best to have it listed on the packaging and online.


Q: My business is closed on the day the package is arriving or I won't be home to receive the package on the ETA date, what should I do?

A: Unfortunately, you would need to contact the carrier to intercept the package or notify them about changing the delivery date.


Q: Can I request product documentation?

A: Yes, however a order number is needed and the order needs to be a wholesale order above 45 lbs. Unfortunately, we don't openly disclose our documents unless the order is a wholesale order. We're happy to answer any questions or clarify any concerns you may have regardless of order size.


Q: What is Judee's FDA Registration Number?

A: Our FDA Registration Number is: 12417616176


Q: What is Judee's USDA Facility Number?

A: Our USDA Facility Number is: G46444


Have a different question? Email us at answers@judeesfromscratch.com and we'll be happy to help!