Get Inspiration for Your Scratch-Made Creations

A few of our favorite recipes, fresh from our test kitchens

Passion Fruit Juice Chia Mocktail

Make this refreshing mocktail recipe by Foody Hopper using our Passion Fruit Juice Powder

Vanilla Allulose Simple Syrup

Use this Vanilla Allulose Simple Syrup to sweeten drinks and cocktails

Gluten Free Spring Time Carrot Cake by Sauce Boss Shelby

Credit: Sauce Boss Shelby Check out their blog here!

Homemade Pixie Sticks

Make your own pixie sticks at home using our Brown Rice Sweetener and any choice of fruit powder

Goat Milk Caramel Sauce by Elise New

Credit: Elise New Check out the recipe here!

Cricket Protein Smoothie

Make this Cricket Protein Smoothie for extra source of protein using our Cricket Flour.


Make Boba at home using using our All Purpose Mix and Corn Starch

Sports Energy Drink

Make your own Sports Energy Drink right at home for your pre and post workout routine