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Columbus Cookie Momster
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Columbus Cookie Momster

What inspired you to start baking and/or open your own bakery business, and how did you develop your passion for baking?

I started my business last year at age 38 - I’ve always loved to bake, but my inspiration (and sugar cookie recipe) comes from my mother-in-law, who passed away from Covid. She was always told she should sell her sugar cookies so I know she is smiling down from heaven as I grow my business. Opening my in-home bakery comes from a desire to show my kids that with hard work and dedication, you can do anything at any age!

What do you like about Judee's ingredients?

Judee’s Meringue Powder goes into my icing recipe. I love the fact that her ingredients are gluten-free and nut free because I have customers who often make those requests. I also love that with her Meringue Powder, I never have to measure twice when making my icing. The fact that the powder is pre-made and ready to be mixed with water and powdered sugar, makes for a mistake-free, perfect icing every time!

Show us your creativity! What's the most innovative or unique dessert creation you've come up with, and what inspired you to make it?

Most customers send me inspiration photos to go off of and I add my own twist so I’d say three orders stand out - Toy Story, Paw Patrol, and a Farmer’s Market 2nd Birthday.

Baking can be therapeutic for many people. Do you have a favorite recipe that you turn to when you need to unwind and find solace in the kitchen?

Other than sugar cookies, I love to bake with my kids. We don’t have a favorite, but I do love to bake banana bread!

Baking is often associated with joyful moments and celebrations. Can you share a heartwarming or memorable story of how your baked goods have brought happiness to someone's life?

Custom sugar cookies are a great way to celebrate ALL of life’s special moments. I did an order for a customer who had just completed her last round of chemo. She wanted to say “thank you” to all of the doctors and nurses who had been with her throughout her journey. Instead of a medical theme, we chose to do “good vibes only”!