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In the Kitchen with Aprille from Bento Bakehouse
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In the Kitchen with Aprille from Bento Bakehouse

What inspired you to start baking and open your own bakery business, and how did you develop your passion for baking?

Before I started Bento Bakehouse, I was a freelance makeup artist. I worked on local commercials, print, music videos, weddings/special events. I made the difficult decision of closing my makeup business when the pandemic hit. I had to figure out another way to make income which lead me to baking. I tested some baked goods with family and friends. After some feedback and encouragement, I decided to get my Cottage License to sell cupcakes at popups and locally.

What do you like about Judee's ingredients?

The ease of use and the natural ingredients.

Show us your creativity! What's the most innovative or unique dessert creation you've come up with, and what inspired you to make it?

I based most of my cake/cupcake flavors on my favorite drinks and childhood treats. Strawberry Jasmine Green Tea and Ube Horchata are my faves!

Give us your hot take! What's a baking tip you wish everyone knew?

Use a scale to weigh out ingredients for consistent bakes. Measuring cups are not reliable.

How has the baking community helped or supported you as you built a business from the ground up?

I've learned so much from my fellow baker friends. They encourage me when I'm down and teach me new techniques to make me more efficient.