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Meet Nadja from Envy Cupcakes
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Meet Nadja from Envy Cupcakes

Follow the journey of this mother of three who found comfort in baking and decorating, leading her to start a dessert delivery service that specializes in creating customizable cakes and cupcakes.

About Myself

I’m a momma of three young boys; ages 2, 3, and 5 -- so let’s just say, life is quite exciting these days! After my second was born, baking and decorating became like a form of postpartum therapy for me. It was my ‘me’ time and I loved every second of it! Then I had the idea to start a dessert delivery service in my area. I bake fresh-to-order, completely customizable cakes and cupcakes, and deliver them right to your door! So dessert is just one less thing to worry about for those special days!

What I Love about Judee’s

I love how reliable Judee’s products are! I know I can count on them for all of my baking needs, and they’ll deliver every time! I love how each product is created with absolute attention to detail, from the ingredients to the packaging.

My Favorite Holiday

I love baking for the winter holidays. There is just something so nostalgic about spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin for me. These flavors instantly take me back to my childhood and being surrounded by family during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My top baking tip!

Room-temperature ingredients always make for the best desserts! This was something I had no idea about before I started baking. It truly makes such a difference!

The Most Rewarding Part of Baking

The most rewarding part of baking for me is seeing people’s faces when they open a box of my cupcakes or see my cake for the first time! I put all of my heart into what I create, and nothing makes me happier when they feel the same way I do -- proud!

I'm Inspired By...

I draw inspiration from professional pastry chefs and artists. The talent that exists in the world is truly mind-blowing. Seeing their works of art through social media really drives and motivates me!



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