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In the Kitchen with Marjeana
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In the Kitchen with Marjeana

Join Marj on her journey to create delicious treats that bring joy to others, allowing her to embrace her passion and share her delectable macarons with her community.

Tell us about yourself...

My name is Marjeana Livingston, and I've been baking Macarons for over three years now. I didn't really get into baking until my mother passed away nine years ago, then it became a hobby while taking care of my dad. I enjoy the challenge of making macarons, and the joy it brings when they work out. When I first started getting into making macarons, I found a recipe using egg white powder (well me being dumb thought it was the same as meringue powder) but I was wrong and discovered Judee's on Amazon, I was amazed that the macarons worked using egg white powder, so my love of Judee's was born.

During the pandemic, it was a struggle to get Judee's, so I used another recipe during that time that did not work as well. I was so thankful when I could order Judee's again, and it never fails, it's amazing. Judee's Egg White Powder never fails when making macarons and they have brought me to tears, not because of the egg white powder... LOL... it's just an amazing product that adds structure to the egg whites and the batter works every time...I just love it.

My favorite holiday, that's a tough one. I've been inspired by the national holidays to make weekly macarons for our local farmers market that I've been selling at, so it is fun coming up with ideas and flavors - that's a huge inspiration for me. Halloween and Christmas are always fun ones, with the designs that you can make you can pipe anything with macaron batter. Most of my piping is freehand as I don't really have time to trace templates.

A huge baking tip for me is never giving up! If it doesn't work out, keep trying, I can't tell you how many tears and macaron shells I've shed. I've almost given up, but you just have to keep going. If a recipe doesn't work out, just start over! Perseverance... that's my tip in the baking world.

I love making things for people, that's the biggest reward in baking. Creativity and the ability to make things that people love and that taste good, that's the most rewarding thing for me. Their face when they say "Did you make those?" and you say "Yes!" It's hard work, but it's work that I love and will continue to do, despite the slow start. I might not have a ton of orders or be Instagram famous, but I still love creating for people and having them say "Your macarons are delicious".

I've been on quite the journey the last couple of years, my dad passed away in 2021, then I got fired in 2022 from a 26-year career job. Then, at the beginning of 2023, Marj's Macarons was born, all be it with a struggle. I decided to take a leap of faith and leave it in the Lord's hands and go for it. I'm super appreciative and grateful!

Judee's Promise

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